Loft Creative is a full-service boutique creative agency that provides a unique in-house feel for all of our brands. Our focus is, and will always be, working side-by-side with growing companies looking to establish themselves or further fortify their brand as a recognized and well-respected name.

Seeing real results begins with the Loft Creative point of difference - aligning ourselves with the infrastructure and mentality of each brand we represent. There is no one look that delivers for every brand. We work closely with our clients to tailor and implement a personalized program that suits their creative needs and achieves their particular goals. We immerse ourselves within their company’s DNA allowing us to fully understand the client as if we worked within the walls of their office. This tight-knit relationship allows us to provide an unprecedented level of service.

We have grown, and continue to grow, strictly on industry and client referrals. We feel incredibly fortunate and proud to be able to make that statement.


Loft Creative offers some of the most diverse talent in the industry, with each member being a specialist in their own field.  Each member of our group goes through rigorous training to bring you the Loft standards that you so wish to achieve. We work as a whole, having each set of eyes go over your project to make sure each team member is satisfied with the results, ensuring a smile on your face at the end of the day.



Loft Creative would like to welcome Kayla Wagner to the Loft Family as our PR Director


We are currently hiring both a part-time Creative Intern and Fashion PR Intern



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